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Times Table Mountain

Times Table Mountain for iOS and Android devices

You can now climb Table Mountain on your iOS or Android device! Completely redesigned and updated from the original PC game, Times Table Mountain offers a great way of practising, and tracking the learning of, all the times table facts

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*Includes levels addressing the New Maths Curriculum*

Billy Bug

Billy Bug has infested iOS and Android devices!

Billy Bug and his Quest for Grub is designed to help children learn how to use coordinates in a fun and engaging way. Make short swipes on the screen to move Billy to the given coordinates. Billy is a greedy little bug and will need to be fed ten times! How quickly can you feed Billy?

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Frontier Factors

Frontier Factors for iOS and Android devices

Prove your worth as Sheriff by shooting the barrels that show factors of the given number.
There are five rounds in each level, will you set the Sheriff's best time for each level?

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Multiple Wipeout

Multiple Wipeout for iPad

Have fun while learning your times tables with this great new iPad App from Interactive Resources.
Choose the multiplication fact you need to practise from the front screen, and then pop all the balloons containing a multiple of that fact as fast as you can! Be careful though, clicking on an incorrect multiple will cost you a time penalty.

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Super Tiles

Super Tiles for iPad

A mathematical game for all ages.
Who will be the first to cover three numbers in a line either horizontally or vertically?
Play against the computer with three levels of difficulty, or against a friend in two player mode.

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Wipeout Wall

Wipeout Wall (Addition & Subtraction) for iPad

Smashing App for practising Addition and Subtraction!

The object of Wipeout Wall is to break down the wall in the quickest time by correctly knocking out the bricks displaying the answer to the addition/subtraction problem.

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Wipeout Wall

Wipeout Wall (Multiplication & Division) for iPad

Learning the times tables can be fun! Smash your way through walls and make remembering those multiplication/division facts enjoyable.

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Eggs on Legs

Eggs on Legs for iPad

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills are all put to the test as you try to crack eggs hiding a digit. Four great Primary Games combined into one cracking iPad App!

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Stop the Clock

Stop the Clock for iPad

A fun way to learn telling the time!

With six levels of difficulty, Stop the Clock will aid the teaching and learning of time for those aged 5 to 11+.

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Airport Arithmetic

Airport Arithmetic for iPad

Watch your mental arithmetic skills take off with Airport Arithmetic!
Work out the missing operation on each aircraft to allow its departure. Incorrect answers will result in a delayed take off.

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Banana Hunt

Banana Hunt for iPad

The popular angle estimation game, Banana Hunt, is now available for the iPad.
Move the monkey to the angle where the bananas are located. Press ‘Search’ to see how accurate you are and how many bananas you have found.

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Ghostblasters for iPad
Blast those ghosts and learn your times tables with this great new iPad App adapted from the Primary Games Classic.
Try and score 100 hits as fast as you can by continuously tapping on ghosts which are a multiple of your chosen fact.

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All Primary Games Apps are also available for the iPhone & iPod touch

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